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Standart 3 Common Uses of Cloud Computing

If you are new to the cloud computing concept, you may not be aware of the different uses of cloud computing. And for a beginner to get an assignment on cloud computing may seem daunting because it is an entirely new thing. You can seek*cloud computing assignment help*so that you can score well in your assignments. With the advancement in technology, students must understand that there is a competition to develop new technologies. Related: MATLAB Assignment Help

Cloud computing is becoming popular with every passing day as it allows consumers to access cloud services by using the internet on a pay-as-you-go basis.

1.Big Data Analytics
Companies of all shapes and sizes require big data for a variety of reasons. Some collect data to find new opportunities for business growth, while others find solutions to complex problems. Unfortunately, collecting and analysing big data is not so easy.

The most important advantage is that cloud computing comes with a pay-as-you-go pricing strategy. Companies only access resources and pay for them when they need them. To understand big data analytics, you can choose any*online cloud computing assignment help*and get high quality paper. Related: Python Programming assignment help

2.Data backups and archiving
Currently, we live in a world where cybercrime is the reality, and it affects big companies. Not a day goes by without significant data breaches that can sometimes be fatal for several companies.**
Companies can use cloud-based backup and archiving to find a solution to compelling data backup challenges. Cloud computing is an easy way to implement and offer maximum data security. Using this approach, companies can backup or archive their sensitive files to cloud-based storage systems.*Some cloud computing services allow a user to schedule backups to meet unique needs. Related: Android Assignment Help

3.Social Networking
One of the most unpopular applications of cloud computing is social networking. Yet, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are perfect examples of SaaS, a cloud computing model.
Social media platforms are developed to help people around the world find people you connect your friends, family or meet new people you don’t know.

They also offer you many tools for sharing data and images such as tweets, photos, instant messages and posts.

The above-mentioned uses can help you understand where and how it helps companies. If you are still struggling to understand and incorporate in your paper you can get solutions from cloud computing assignment helper. Related: statistics assignment help

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